Givaudan Foundation Publishes 2018 Activity Report


The Givaudan Foundation has published its 2018 Activity Report.

The report outlines the non-profit’s progress in its support for education, health and the environment, and in increasing awareness for three causes: communities at source, blindness and family nutrition.

In 2018, the foundation supported projects in 21 locations. They included:

  • The creation of four school libraries in Indonesian patchouli and vetiver producing communities
  • A new water and sanitation facility for a group of Haitian vetiver farming villages
  • A family program on food hygiene and balanced nutrition in Colombia
  • A screening program to detect and correct vision defects of schoolchildren in Mexico

Ongoing projects include a rural development program encompassing 32 vanilla growing villages in Madagascar that resulted in the building of 26 school, water wells and annual training of farmers in optimized rice cultivation.

The foundation partners with NGOs and other organizations to ensure the projects achieve their goals; it also works closely with Givaudan employees and volunteers who bring enthusiasm and expertise.

“We insist from the start that our projects include clearly defined milestones,” said André Hoffman, president of the board of trustees, The Givaudan Foundation. “This helps us accompany the projects over time and steer them in the right direction to ensure substantial social and environmental results.”

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