Symrise AG Looks to 2025 with New Goals


Symrise AG announced new 2025 long-term targets at its Investors’ Day in Charleston, South Carolina.

They include:

  • Increasing sales to €5.5-6 billion; this is to be achieved through an average annual organic sales growth of 5%-7%, as well as through strategic acquisitions
  • Generating an EBITDA margin within the target corridor of 20%-23% from 2020 onward
  • Focusing on customer and consumer needs, converting market trends into business opportunities at the earliest stage possible
  • Further developing high-demand application areas such as menthol, cosmetic ingredients, food and pet food at “an accelerated pace”
  • Maintaining a balanced customer portfolio, comprising one-third each of globally, regionally and locally active customers
  • Generating more than half of sales from fast-growing emerging markets
  • Further increasing its share in non-traditional applications (including pet food and baby food, probiotics, active cosmetic ingredients and function, health-supporting ingredients) by 2025
  • Focusing on innovative and high-margin applications
  • Digitizing business processes

“We look back on the development of Symrise with pride. We have achieved dynamic growth and doubled our sales from 2008 to 2017 to €3 billion. For 2025, we have set the target to increase sales to €5.5-6 billion. Our strategy, with its three pillars growth, efficiency and portfolio, has proven its worth. It is the foundation for our long-term, profitable growth,” said Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, CEO of Symrise AG. “We will make even more systematic use of our strengths and enter adjacent growth areas, concentrating on the expansion of our global presence and our portfolio in high-margin business areas. We will also consistently expand our product mix, in particular with natural and health-related applications.”

Olaf Klinger, CFO of Symrise AG, added: “With our targeted investments in future growth and our reinforced focus on cash flow, we will create a solid basis for the Symrise stock to remain an attractive investment for our shareholders. We will further keep an eye on our healthy capital base.”

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