David Michael & Co. Partners with Rutgers to Gain Gluten-Free Insight

David Michael & Co., a global provider of flavors, stabilizers and natural flavors, will be collaborating with Rutgers University Food Innovation Center to collect fresh insights from consumers on the gluten-free category.

David Michael’s sensory and flavor insights department will be utilizing the company’s recently launched “Great Escape to Innovate,"  a fully-equipped RV that’s currently touring the Northeastern region. The Great Escape will be visiting with clients, farmer’s markets, restaurants, specialty shops and other interesting venues in search of consumer feedback regarding the gluten-free food category, along with other relevant, on-trend topics within the food and beverage arena.

The Rutgers University Food Innovation Center is a incubation and economic development accelerator program, which provides business and technology expertise to startup and established food companies in the mid-Atlantic region, and utilizes its outreach capacity to reach food and agribusinesses throughout the world.

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