Balchem Corporation Releases 2nd Quarter Results

For the second quarter, ending June 30, 2015, Balchem Corp.'s net sales showed a 1.9% increase to $134.8 million.

With the decline in fracking and foreign currency, each factor adversely impacted sales by 10.7% and 2.8%, respectively. U.S. GAAP for the quarter show $14.9 million in net earnings compared to a 53.3% increase, or $9.7 million for 2014's second quarter.

The company's SensoryEffects segment, acquired in 2014, remains unchanged. The SensoryEffects division includes food encapsulates, human-grade choline, cereal, specially made food, flavor and beverages. Overall SensoryEffects sales show an increase of $18.0 million over 2014's quarter of $67.2 million, with a slight decrease from 2015's first quarter of $67.8 million. Net sales for encapsulated ingredients (baking and food preservation) for the domestic and international market added $17.6 million to the overall increase, or 5% sales growth.

SensoryEffects is also expected to launch its agglomeration technology in the fourth quarter in 2015. 


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