Wild Sets its Growth Sights on India

Wild has announced it is currently expanding its business activities in India to facilitate enhanced growth for its customer base with new business lines, to improve access to raw material, while also allowing for expansion into new markets and channels.

With over one billion inhabitants, it is the second-most populous country in the world after China, which makes it an extremely large target group for the food and beverage industry, said Wild.

The company, which has been present in India since acquiring the A.M. Todd Group in 2011, recently expanded its production capabilities at the site in Tarapur and opened a new site in Lucknow while the operations in Mumbai have moved into larger facilities.  

At the end of last year, Wild enlarged the production facility in Tarapur which specializes in mint applications, and has invested in a new production unit for fruit flavors. This opens several new doors, such as combining fruit and mint flavors.

“With our competence in natural ingredients and our rapidly growing global structure, we have the option of boosting our mint business and offering the market the highest quality and innovation," said Peter Naylor, LAI Management Wild. 

The mint products can be used in chewing gum, candies and other confectionery products. Furthermore, the acquisition gives Wild the option of expanding into new distribution channels such as oral and dental care.  

The site in Mumbai was expanded in 2013, when the employees moved into new facilities in Andheri, Mumbai's fastest-growing suburb. The site includes a new application lab for beverage developments as well as a well-equipped food lab focusing on mint and confectionery applications. In addition, further team members were hired in flavor creation, sales and purchasing. Some 30 employees are currently working in Mumbai, and the facilities are designed to accommodate further growth.  

Recently, Wild has also opened a new site in Lucknow, which lies in northern India close to the main mint-growing region. An analytical lab and purchasing office are located there; the employees there are responsible for purchasing and assessing raw materials.

To achieve sustainable success in India, it is essential to have knowledge of the regional market and of flavor preferences. Naylor added: “Wild knows international markets and has decades of experience in product development, and customizes its formulations to the respective flavor preferences, always with an eye on our customers.”  

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