CPL Aromas Far East Celebrates 20th Anniversary


CPL Aromas Far East marked its 20th anniversary with a gala evening event at the Hong Kong Convention Centre on Nov. 10, 2011. Hosting more than 300 attendees, the event featured a cocktail party and banquet dinner where guests could overlook Hong Kong Harbor, and CPL Aromas Far East managing director Thomas Wan greeted everyone, presenting a brief history of the efforts of CPL Aromas Far East and its achievements since 1991. The celebration also included a traditional Chinese flag-waving ceremony to signify good luck, as well as acrobatics and a “Face Changing” dancer.

The event was also designed to coincide with Cosmoprof Asia, during which CPL Aromas participated with a stand displaying some of the companies’ new products, including its new fragrancing technology Ecoboost, which incorporating 10-times concentrated fragrances into applications.

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