Naturex Acquires Burgandy Botanical Extracts

Naturex announced it has acquired Burgundy Botanical Extracts, a France-based plant extract manufacturer that supplies the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. The company has approximately 60 employees and two production facilities. The production facilities, located in France and Spain, offer extraction, purification and drying operations. With a total revenue of approximately €14 million in the past 12 months, Burgundy’s major market focuses are health and nutrition, accounting for 39% of its 2010 sales and including dry and liquid extracts for food, functional food and beverage additives; pharmaceutical, account for 28% of its 2010 sales and including extracts and pure natural compounds for pharmaceutical and phytopharmaceutical products; and cosmetics, which accounted for 17% of its 2010 sales and including natural active ingredients for beauty care products. The remaining 9% of the company’s 2010 sales came from additional services offered, such as custom formulation, extraction and processing.

This acquisition by Naturex will enable the company to strengthen its presence in the areas of nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredient offerings. “This acquisition fits perfectly with Naturex’s strategy for pursuing growth in different markets,” said Naturex CEO, chairman and founder Jacques Dikansky. “It is an excellent development opportunity in terms of both manufacturing capacity and commercial positioning. With our successful track record in integrating companies and the promising potential for synergies and cross-selling from this merger, we are confident in our ability to generate sustainable profitable growth, creating value for our customers, employees and investors.”

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