Rhodia Reports Q2 2011 Financials

Rhodia reported its second quarter 2010 financial results, seeing a 22% increase in net sales from Q2 2010 (€1,617 million in 2011 versus €1,330 million in 2010). The company also saw its highest-ever EBITDA at €297 million, and volumes were up by 7%, reflecting solid business dynamics.

“In Q2, we delivered a further set of strong results, illustrating the remarkable execution of our profitable growth strategy. We continue to benefit from solid levels of demand across segments and regions as well as excellent pricing power,” commented Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, chairman and CEO of Rhodia. “We now look forward to creating with Solvay a major player in the chemical industry. Together, we will combine our respective strengths to further accelerate our growth dynamic.”

The company also recorded a net profit of €113 million for Q2 2011, and operating profit increased 49% from Q2 2010, from €146 million in 2010 to €218 million in 2011.

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