Symrise Updates SymTrap Technology, Hamburg Plant

In an effort to update is existing facilities in Germany while also focusing on the growing health and wellness market, Symrise (Holzminden, Germany) opened its new SymTrap plant in Hamburg, a location that now features new adsorption processes and processes for gathering and concentrating the bioactive ingredients in natural extracts. Previously, SymTrap could only be used to extract and concentrate volatile flavoring substances from the water used in distillation processes, but based on a newly created and engineered adsorption-desorption process, the technology now offers an application of physical principles that, in addition to saving energy, is also highly effective. The method is also now being used for extracting secondary plant materials with biofunctional properties.

The Hamburg site, which is the production center for functional ingredients, is now operating the largest SymTrap plant within Symrise. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, the company’s CEO, commented on the new plant, saying, “Our investment in and development of this proprietary technology strengthens our position as a manufacturer of functional ingredients. Dynamic growth on the market for health products is expected to continue in the coming years. We will also continue to emphasize organic growth on what is a vigorously developing market.”

“Our second generation SymTrap process delivers impressive evidence that established technologies for our flavorings are also suitable for producing botanical extracts with highly standardized bioactive agents,” adds Hans Holger Gliewe, Symrise’s global president flavor and nutrition. “After all, we want to extract these substances from their natural sources as gently as possible so that consumers and our clients get exactly what they’re looking for: solutions that are compatible with a healthy lifestyle—and that taste good, too.”

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