Agilent Launches New Headspace Sampler


Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced the 7697A Headspace Sampler, a headspace instrument for gas chromatography (GC) sample analysis. Based on Agilent’s automatic liquid sampler (ALS) technology, the 7697A Headspace Sampler offers performance without loss or degradation of volatile components found in the gas portion of partitioned GC samples. Designed to support multiple industries, the 7697A is appropriate for diverse applications, including flavor and fragrance profiling, and food safety testing, such as detecting volatiles in beer and other beverages. It is available as both a high-end sampler with 111-vial capacity or as a mid-range unit with 12-vial capacity. Additional features include a barcode reader for those sample sets that require stringent confirmation; pneumatics control for consistent sampling; automatic calibration and vial leak checking; a comprehensive software package that minimizes user training time; and automatic shut-down and wake-up to conserve energy and resources.

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