Robertet Debuts Seed to Scent Development Concept

Robertet (Grasse, France) debuted its new “Seed to Scent” fragrance development approach, an initiative that establishes a traceable link from a fragrance's source ingredients to its final product. The new approach starts with development in-field, building relationships with local farmers, growers and distillers worldwide. Robertet perfumers and technical experts will work with communities to sustainably source and process the natural ingredients for use in their creations, and they will then work to use these ingredients to their utmost potential. According to Christophe Maubert, president of the Robertet fragrance division, “The Seed to Scent creation process begins at the source, and brings Robertet perfumers, technical experts and local growers together to grow the fragrance from the seed up.”

This development approach also begins the Seed to Scent series. Evening at GoldenEye, the first Seed to Scent series fragrance, was created by Robertet perfumer Olivia Jan in collaboration with Chris Blackwell. The fragrance features locally sourced ylang ylang and Jamaican pimento oil.

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