P2 Science Moves Lab, Headquarters to Facility in Woodbridge, CT

P2 Science Inc. has moved its lab and headquarters to a new facility in Woodbrige, Connecticut. 

The new facility is divided into two labs, one of which will be used for continuous pilot scale production of specialty chemicals via P2’s ozonolysis process. The other lab will be devoted to product development R&D. The initial focus is on aroma chemicals, polymer intermediates and flavor ingredients.

The building was originally built by Bayer Corp. as a training facility for its synthetic chemists. It features multiple walk-in hoods, multiple regular hoods, snorkels, instrument enclosures, medical grade compressed air, vacuum, processed water, gas handling, lab effluent treatment, multiple safety systems.

The company recently outgrew its original lab at Science Park in New Haven where it got started and developed much its product and process technology.

P2 has recently announced partnerships with Symrise AG of Germany and with Bedoukian Research, Inc. of Danbury, Connecticut. The company also recently added Kevin Gallagher of Croda to its board of directors.

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