Cargill Expands Food Research Center for Customer R&D Collaboration

Targeted for the food and beverage manufacturing and the food service industry, Cargill (Minneapolis) has recently doubled the size of its food research center in Plymouth, Minn. to promote R&D collaboration, accelerate innovation and help its customers reduce product development cycles.

The $5.5 million expansion doubled the square footage of the facility from 20,000 to 40,000 and the center will incorporate the majority of Cargill’s North American food and ingredient research staff. 

The staff will work side-by-side with customers in developing snacks, cereal, bakery, confectionery, convenience and frying applications. Its highlights include a sensory facility that houses descriptive analysis panels and consumer/panelist testing booths, as well as a snacks, cereal and baking mix pilot area used to scale up bench concepts to replicate production environments.

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