British Society of Perfumers Names Peter Whipps as President


At the British Society of Perfumers (BSP) annual general meeting on May 15, Peter Whipps was elected president of the society. Whipps is an independent perfumer and technical consultant specializing in the development of functional fragrances and the analysis of essential oils, with 38 years industry experience, including 25 years with Bush Boake Allen.

Kate Williams is the new vice president. Williams has 12 years experience as a perfumer with PZ Cussons and now Seven Scent. A trained psychologist, Williams is involved in researching the human sense of smell and then use of fragrance within education and dementia.

Whipps, together with John Bailey, the BSP's immediate past president, are representing the British Society of Perfumers at the World Perfumery Congress in Deauville France, promoting the BSP's 50th anniversary book British Perfumery a Fragrant History. Williams is a participating panelist at the WPC Session " Growth Markets: Africa & Middle East "

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