Sensient’s Stock Sale Plans

Sensient Technologies Corp. (Milwaukee) has announced that three of its executive officers (Manning, Hobbs and Carney) have entered into a new preprogrammed stock sale plans for periodic sales of their Sensient stock over the next one to four years, starting in July 2007. The new stock sale plans have been approved by the Sensient board of directors. The new plans involve a greater number of options and other shares and extend over a longer period of time than earlier plans. The plans, which comply with the SEC Rule 10b5-1 safe harbor regarding insider trading, are motivated primarily by the executives’ desire to diversify their personal investments as they near eventual retirement.

Sales will occur during quarterly window periods, except for shares from options nearing expiration. For Manning, the window periods limitation will not apply to prompt sales of shares received in any future stock grant or sales during the last year of his plan, beginning in July 2010. Anticipated sales each quarter by Manning, Hobbs and Carney are about 82,000 shares, 19,250 shares and 36,000 shares, respectively, plus any roll-overs from prior periods that were not sold because of minimum price floors.

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