Givaudan Named A Top Performer for Reducing Carbon Emissions

Givaudan has been recognized as a top, "A-band" performer in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)'s 350 Climate Change 2013 Report for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an organization based in the U.K. which works with shareholders and corporations to disclose the greenhouse gas emissions of major corporations. It ranks companies on how they measure, disclose and manage climate-related risks and opportunities—this year at the request of 722 investors.

The "A-band" recognizes the progress Givaudan is making to reduce its carbon emissions, which has been driven by the company's 2020 eco-efficiency targets which include: 25% reduction in CO2 emissions per tonne of production, 20% reduction in energy consumption per tonne of production, 15% reduction in waste incinerated and landfilled per tonne of production and a 15% reduction of municipal and ground water usage per tonne of production.

Since 2009, per tonne of production, Givaudan has achieved a 16.6% reduction in carbon emissions, an 11.5% reduction in energy, a 13.1% decrease in waste incinerated and landfilled and a 9.6% reduction in water usage.

Givaudan was also awarded a disclosure score of 79/100, indicating a good quality and completeness of publicly disclosed data and information.

"Customers increasingly want to see that Givaudan is running a sustainable business, and this includes managing the efficiency of our operations", said Joe Fabbri, Givaudan's head of global human resources, EHS and chair of sustainability. "We have made progress through a combination of large-scale energy efficiency projects, and the dedication of our Green Teams - who are instrumental to identifying and acting on local opportunities to save energy."

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