Global Essence Partners with Native Extracts Ltd.

Global Essence has now formed a strategic partnership with Native Extracts Ltd., an Australian-based company utilizing a new technology of cellular level extraction.

The process extracts the bio-actives from once thought impervious sources without compromising the bio-matrix integrity of the starting plant material. Producing a fresh, true-to-nature product, the extracts are also laden with bio actives as opposed to the more traditional “stewed” extract varietals.

“This new partnership takes Global Essence into a new realm addressing the increased demand and requirements for natural based active ingredients for the neutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and flavor based industries,” said Katrina Neale, president of Global Essence.

Global Essence will act as one of two exclusive North American based distributors servicing all of North America as well as managing distribution throughout Europe via its UK affiliate. 

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