Pinova Holdings Publishes Stewardship Report 2012

Pinova Holdings Inc., the parent company of Renessenz LLC and Pinova Inc., has published its Corporate Stewardship Report 2012.

The report complies with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3.1 guidelines at the B level. The current report is Pinova Holdings second, it covers issues considered material to its operations and relate to the same operations as its first report, which was published during 2012. The 2012 report includes a full range of economic, environmental, social impacts that are most material to the company. Other highlights of the report include the outlines of its five-year sustainability goals.

For instance, its 2017 product enhancement goals are to introduce and report new products derived from natural renewable resources, create Sustainability Index for key products, certify all food products under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) scheme and conduct a risk assessment for all core products.

“2012 marked a year of transition and re-invigoration in our company’s approach to sustainability," said Ted Butz, president and CEO of Pinova Holdings. "We drove sustainability deeper into our corporate culture by explaining its multiple facets and asking every member of our company to consider how we could contribute to our progress in this area. Our vision is to be a leading specialty chemical supplier based on leveraging natural and renewable materials with unique technical know-how. Sustainability is at the core of this vision." 

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