Symrise Certified as a "Green" Company

Symrise has announced that it fulfills the international requirements of the Global Conformance Program, as determined by the assessment of independent DQS auditors who have assessed the internal processes in research, development, manufacturing and sales.

As defined by DQS, a certifier of company processes, a “Green Company” is a company that sets itself apart from its competitors in terms of products, services and environmental standards by minimizing its impact on the environment. Symrise has successfully passed the audit. It now holds the GC certification mark for a year.

Symrise aims to reduce the effects of its business activities on the environment per product unit sold by a third by 2020 compared to 2010 levels. This includes purchasing of electricity from local markets and increased energy efficiency across all processes. In addition, Symrise continually optimizes and monitors the productivity of its production processes and has established an integrated management system (IMS). At the same time, Symrise is operating and developing strategies devoted to the local, sustainable procurement of raw materials and the percentage of raw materials acquired from renewable sources is steadily increasing. 

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