Omega Brings Citrus Essential Oil Masters to UK in New Twist

Omega Ingredients has entered into a new partnership with Misitano & Stracuzzi to explore new business opportunities to distribute its Italian citrus essential oils.

Used in the production and manufacturing of food products, beverages, fragrances and cosmetics the Misitano & Stracuzzi product range comprises citrus essential oils including distillates, concentrates, terpenes and floral petitgrains. It contains lemon, orange, mandarin, grapefruit, bergamot, and clementine fruit varieties, with a mixture of pressed, distilled, decolorized, essence oils, plus both terpenes and terpeneless fractions. The new range is kosher and halal certified and includes natural clementine oil with a fresh, sweet orange aroma suitable for use in citrus fruit and orange products.

Other essential oils of note include Pink Grapefruit 8 fold, which has a dry fresh aroma with a slight fir pine needle note ideal for tropical fruits, bitter orange, pine and grapefruit applications.

Misitano & Stracuzzi has the combined experience of four generations of the families of the original founders in the processing and production of citrus essential oils. Its history can be traced back to the early part of the twentieth century, making it one of the oldest producers of its type in Sicily.

"Beginning a partnership with a company which has one of the oldest histories of essential citrus oils processing and production in Italy is very exciting for Omega Ingredients," said Steve Pearce, CEO and founder of Omega Ingredients. “We specialize in the cutting edge fusion of biochemistry with natural materials to create the very best specialist natural flavors, ingredients and aromas. Therefore, we are extremely keen to marry the old with the new, as we establish the prestigious heritage and excellence of Misitano & Stracuzzi essential oils within our product offering to the UK market." 

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