37th Annual FiFi Winners

The Fragrance Foundation held its 2009 FiFi Awards at the Downtown Armory in New York. The winners are:

Hall of Fame
Marc Jacobs

Fragrance Hall of Fame TIE
Davidoff Cool Water (Coty Prestige)
White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor (Elizabeth Arden)

Retailer of the Year
QVC and Tova Borgnine

Perfume Extraordinaire
Based on blind judging of unmarked fragrances submitted by fragrance houses and manufacturers with in-house perfumers. This new award seeks to recognize fragrance craft itself, divorced of marketing, packaging, name recognition, etc.
Mane USA

Women’s Private Label/Direct Sell
Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things (Victoria's Secret Beauty)

Unique Boutique
Fragrances sold in boutique and specialty stores, 50 doors or fewer, encompassing women’s, men’s and unisex.
Tom Ford Private Blend Champaca Absolute (unisex) (Tom Ford Beauty)

Bath and Body Line of the Year
Angel Les Parfums Corps Thierry Mugler (Clarins)

Interior Scent Collection of the Year
Nest Fragrances Collection Candles (Candela Group)

Men’s Popular Appeal 
McGraw by Tim McGraw (Coty Inc.)

Women’s Popular Appeal
American Beauty Beloved (BeautyBank)

Men’s Nouveau Niche
Burberry The Beat for Men (P&G Prestige Products)

Women's Nouveau Niche
Chloé Eau de Parfum (Coty Prestige) 

Men’s Luxe
I Am King - Sean John (Sean John Fragrances)

Women’s Luxe 
Harajuku Lovers Fragrances (Coty Prestige)

Best Packaging: Women's Prestige TIE
Harajuku Lovers Fragrances (Coty Prestige)
Ma Dame Jean Paul Gaultier (Beaute Prestige International)

Best Packaging: Men's Prestige
9IX Rocawear (Elizabeth Arden)

Best Packaging: Women's Popular Appeal
Avon Bond Girl 007 (Avon Products)

Best Packaging: Men's Popular Appeal
McGraw by Tim McGraw (Coty)

National Media Campaign: Women's
Estee Lauder Sensuous (Estee Lauder)

National Media Campaign: Men
Dirty English (Elizabeth Arden)

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