World Perfumery Congress 2024

Jun 24th, 2024
Jun 27th, 2024
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The fragrance industry is set to reunite in Geneva to celebrate the World Perfumery Congress 2024. This year’s theme is Fragrance Forward: Where Global Innovation & Creativity Meets. The three-day conference will task speakers to discuss key factors driving innovation in fragrance—including global trends across segments, regulatory updates and how the latest strides in technology, with an emphasis on artificial intelligence, are influencing the industry and perfumers’ creativity. New-to-WPC “nose to nose” segment where pairs of perfumers from around the world will take the stage to discuss their careers and the current state of fragrance.

View the World Perfumery Congress 2024 Show Program for the latest updates on conference sessions and the growing list of exhibitors!

Early bird rates are now available for the three-day conference for $1,250, rates varying depending on the professional category. Attendees can also snag tickets for 1 day expo hall only. More details can be found on the registration page.

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