Avant Organics' Methyl Mercaptan

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Methyl Mercaptan 


Methyl mercaptan (FEMA# 2716, CAS# 74-93-1) is a secret weapon when it comes to vegetable, meat and coffee aromas. This flavoring component can be described as cooked cabbage, cheesy, sulfurous, meaty and vegetative. Methyl mercaptan exhibits great enhancing benefits for many savory meat flavors as well as bringing forth the top notes for vegetable flavors. It can also be beneficial in onion and garlic flavors. Its unique ability to add creaminess to formulation makes it a great candidate for coffee flavors as well, especially since it will uplift the coffee aroma while enhancing mouthfeel. Avant Organics provides this material as EU Natural, Kosher, non-GMO and Halal. For your free sample please email [email protected].

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