Scentium Upgrades Production Plant at Headquarters


Scentium Flavours, the flavor division of the Iberchem Group, has updated the production plant at its head office in Alhama de Murcia, Spain.

The €2 million improvements will increase the company’s flavor offerings by more than 40%, and will be fully operational by the end of July 2019.

“The modernization of our installations was a pillar in the group’s 2020 expansion plan,” said José Manuel Mateos, general director. “We work in an industry where the customer’s demand is constantly changing. Flavor manufacturers such as Scentium need to adapt themselves to this evolving demand.”

He continued: “Since the beginning, we have been committed to responding proactively with innovative flavor solutions, delivered in the shortest times possible. In this sense, the modernization of our installations was done not to respond to today’s demand, but to better anticipate that of tomorrow.”

“We have more than doubled the capacity of our physical-chemical labs,” added Mar González, COO of Scentium in Spain. “We also automated many of our technical operations, enabling projects to be carried out simultaneously. The new robots (Roxane K and GT) will allow us to come up with new flavor designs for our customers in record time and quality.”

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