Firmenich Co-Hosts Climate Action Dialogue


Firmenich and Global Compact Network Switzerland hosted a dialogue on climate action with Ambassador de Alba, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the 2019 Climate Action Summit.

Ambassador de Alba and Firmenich CEO Gilbert Ghostine discussed the need to limit the global temperature increase to no more than 1.5°C in their keynote addresses, highlighting the urgency of building climate resilience by mobilizing both the private and public sectors.

Attendees at the event included business leaders from industries ranging from luxury and banking to academia and government.

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“With global emissions still increasing and temperatures rising, we are not on the right track to limit climate change. The science tells us, however, we can still reverse course, if we start now,” said de Alba. “This will require everyone’s participation, including partnerships with the private sector and civil society, and a huge mobilization of resources to invest in a truly green future. The private sector is crucial to deliver the transformative action necessary to bring our economies and societies in line with the Paris agreement. I salute Firmenich’s leadership and their willingness to act as a catalyst to reverse the disruption of climate change.”

“At Firmenich climate change is everyone’s job as a critical pillar of our inclusive capitalism business strategy,” said Ghostine. “We are making great inroads on our vision to be carbon neutral, as one of only two companies in the world with a CDP triple ‘A’ ranking, and will always keep on stretching ourselves. Given the scale of today’s challenge we are partnering for impact with many leading coalitions, including the Global Compact Network Switzerland, WBCSD, Livelihoods and the Toilet Board Coalition all present with us this evening. I invite all businesses to join us to win the race for climate!”

Taking place September 23, 2019, the UN Secretary-General hosted Climate Action Summit will offer leaders from all sectors with an opportunity to demonstrate how they will tackle climate change, setting targets along the way on the road to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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