STEM Education to Promote Fragrance Education


The International Fragrance Association's (IFRA) annual business meeting featured an afternoon filled with speakers who explored topics such as corporate sustainability, digital growth strategies and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) educational opportunities for budding perfumers.

The meeting addressed IFRA's present and future efforts toward promoting safety awareness for consumers. Education, especially STEM education, is a growing area of interest as the industry continues to be challenged by regulatory issues.

Cordy Galligan, vice president of marketing and business development, The American Association of University Women (AAUW), enthusiastically presented the organization's science-based outreach programs to attendees and IFRA board members. Awarding $3.5-4 million in annual fellowships, AAUW is one of the largest global funders of women's education in the STEM fields. STEM is the backbone of the organization's science-based camps, Tech Trek and Tech Savvy, geared towards middle school girls.

Galligan explained that students with access to STEM education and careers, such as the fragrance industry, will "reduce, if not eliminate the STEM work shortage."

Through these technology camps and IFRA's support, AAUW hopes to incorporate fragrance creation for the 21 camps across the country.

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