Takasago Invests in New Indian Production Facility

Takasago International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., the regional subsidiary of Takasago International Corp., announced it is investing $10 million in a new manufacturing and research facility in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The new facility, which is proposed to start construction in the second quarter of 2013 and to begin operations in the first quarter of 2014, is part of Takasago’s aim of developing key creation, application, sensory, R&D and manufacturing capabilities for new flavors and fragrances customized for the Asia-Pacific region. When fully operational, it will become the headquarters for all of Takasago’s research, manufacturing and sales operations in India.

Ritaro Igaki, Takasago president and CEO, said, “Takasago has set itself the goal of becoming a world-class flavors and fragrances company in the run-up to its centennial in 2020. We are strengthening Takasago’s organization and expanding our operations, and this investment commitment is a key example that will help us achieve our ambition.” And Masayuki Mita, Takasago’s global HQ senior vice president, commented, “Takasago has stepped up its focus in maintaining our position as a major industry player with a strong presence in the Asian region. The recent commitments are a promise to achieve our expansion plans in Asia.”

Commenting on the expansion into India, Takasago International (Singapore) managing director Alfredo Asuncion Jr., said, “Takasago’s Singapore operation will play a pivotal role in injecting management and technical expertise in the areas of product innovation, manufacturing and marketing to ensure the Indian operation takes off quickly. This will enable Takasago to become a preferred partner for the industry.”

Newly appointed managing director of Takasago International India Rajendra P. Ghogale said, “Takasago is developing its operations in India with a key focus on sustainability. Takasago will concentrate on several key segments, bring in innovative technology, and offer creative solutions and value to our customers.”

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