Premium Ingredients International Is Now Prinova


Premium Ingredients International (Carol Stream, Illinois) has changed its name to Prinova. The move does not reflect a change in ownership but rather reflects an evolution in the company's product range, which now includes natural sweeteners and botanical extracts, proteins and recently animal nutrition, feed flavors and palatability compounds.

“We have considered and planned for this change very carefully,” said Don Thorp, the company's president.“It was important to choose an identity that retains the highest standards and first-class service our clients have come to expect from us, while also expressing our energy and drive—our passion for providing the best product and service solutions, global product knowledge, and formulation expertise. We believe the new identity and new name Prinova does exactly that.”

“Launched simultaneously is Prinova’s new logo which symbolizes a modern star expanding in size and energy to capture the forward motion of the company," said Lisa Drawer, the company's global marketing director. "The colors combine our current red, embracing our history of passion and energy, with a new element of yellow, representing growth. Our new tagline, ‘Your secret ingredient,’ conveys that Prinova, our people, our products, and our solutions, promise a winning outcome for our customers. We have chosen a new name and look to express what we’re already doing and who we’ve become. We believe our customers will agree that Prinova will be a great fit for us."

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