Rhodia Sets 2013-2015 Strategy

For 2013-2015, Rhodia (Paris) will pursue annual EBITDA of more than 1 billion euros via organic growth, improvements in products and industrial processes, and acquisitions. Meanwhile, the company will reorganize its activities beneath 11 business units, compared to the current six. The aroma performance division, which produces materials for flavors and fragrances, is headed by Dominique Rage.

The executive committee now comprises chairman and CEO Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, COO Gilles Auffret, executive vice president and CFO Pascal Bouchiat, and executive vice president Pascal Juéry.

Of 2010 financial prospects, Clamadieu said,  “The group continues to benefit from the strong market momentum enjoyed in the first two quarters of the year and which allowed Rhodia to generate record level of profitability."




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