Nactis Acquires Robertet Savoury

Nactis Flavours (Bondoufle, France) has acquired Robertet Savoury (Schoten, Belgium) from the Robertet Group. Robertet acquired the Belgian company, then known as PAB, from the Danone Group in 2001. The company will be renamed Nactis Benelux.

The purchase represents Nactis Flavours' seventh acquisition over the last 14 years. Robertet Savoury employs 54 and posted 2014 revenues of €14 million.

The acquisition brings expertise in transformation flavors (Maillard flavors); hydrolyzed vegetable proteins (HVPs) for applications such as soup and stock, sauces, condiments, seasonings and ready meals; value-added solutions for the plant industry (soy, wheat, corn, etc.); and biotech developments such as an enzyme hydrolysis process. The company's technology capabilities include hydrolysis, drying, reaction processes and powdered aromatics.

Robertet Savoury markets its products in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Northern European countries, Spain, Italy and sub-Saharan Africa (Nigeria, Senegal), according to an official press release.

“Thanks to the strong presence built up by Nactis Flavours on French and international markets for ready meals, seasonings and aromatics, we will be immediately implementing the synergies that will enable us to strongly develop our new subsidiary’s business," said Daniel Faguer, CEO of Nactis Flavours.

Meanwhile, Daniel Faguer has been named chairman of Robertet Savoury. He was previously CEO of Malteurop Group.

“The acquisition of Robertet Savoury, which we had been looking into since 2009, was finally made possible when our new financial partner MML Capital came on board in November 2014, in line with our plans to resume an external growth strategy that will now have an international focus," said Hervé Lecesne, founder, chairman and CEO of Nactis Flavours. "This seventh acquisition, the first outside of France, will enable us to take a major step forward towards achieving our goal to double our business over the next three to five years by generating more than 50% of our revenues internationally."

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