Meet These Fresh Faces Making a Splash in Fragrance

Pictured L to R: Chris Collins (World of Chris Collins), Linda G. Levy (TFF), Bernardo Möller (House of Bō) and Itika Oldwine Grimble (OldVine Fragrance).
Pictured L to R: Chris Collins (World of Chris Collins), Linda G. Levy (TFF), Bernardo Möller (House of Bō) and Itika Oldwine Grimble (OldVine Fragrance).

Be sure to stick around for the final day of World Perfumery Congress 2022, to witness the “Fresh Faces in Fragrance” panel. Shining a light on some of the newer brands in the fragrance industry, the "Fresh Faces in Fragrance" panel, is set to host a line-up of fragrance line founders who have joined the industry over the last few years. Panelists will share insight on their fragrance launch journey, challenges along the way and their view on the future of the industry for indie brands. The panel includes the following founders:

  • Chris Collins, founder of World of Chris Collins: After being the face of Ralph Lauren for over two decades, Chris Collins decided it was time to launch is own luxury brand. It would be a high-end luxury beauty brand, starting with niche fragrance. Each fragrance is designed with prestige and elegance. He invites you into a world of love, romance and desire. While working with some of the most talented perfumers in the world, these emotions are told through each of his fragrances. New York City is the backdrop of his story-telling but, his fragrances are inspired from his childhood memories as well as his current life experiences. The notes of his fragrances are like the lyrics of a song meant to be listened to through the souls of the individuals wearing them.

  • Itika Oldwine Grimble, founder of OldVine Fragrance: OldVine is owned and operated by California native, Itika Oldwine Grimble. After graduating from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, Grimble completed graduate school at the University of Chicago where she earned her Master of Arts in Social Sciences. In 2017, Grimble launched OldVine Florals in the heart of downtown L.A.'s Fashion District. And now, after more than three years in the floral business, Grimble's passion for problem-solving and eye for beauty takes her to the next chapter. Introducing OldVine Fragrance.

  • Bernardo Möller: Bernardo Möller began collecting perfumes at the age of 13. For Möller, fragrances tell the most intimate stories of love, heartbreak and adventure. His passion for fragrances took center stage the day his father unexpectedly passed away from COVID-19. Inspired by his father's spiritual teachings of living an authentic and purpose-driven life and their mutual love for architecture and design, he created House of Bō with world-renowned perfumers in hopes to inspire the world to connect with fragrances on a spiritual level.

Meet the Moderator

  • Linda G. Levy: As President of The Fragrance Foundation (TFF), Linda G. Levy has redefined the goals, objectives and initiatives of this not-for-profit organization. She is very proud to lead the industry with an expanded membership, as well as the engagement of the fragrance community in the United States and beyond. Under her leadership, one of the first of many changes was bringing perfumers front and center as the creative force in all creative discussions and with consistent recognition. In addition, the membership has expanded to include not only the large corporations in the industry, but indie entrepreneurs in early stages, who are provided with guidance and mentorship.

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