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Since its first edition in 2009, Esxence - The Art Perfumery Event evolved into a distinctive international benchmark within the artistic perfumery sector, becoming a bridge between cultures, histories and creativity.  For its fourteenth edition, Esxence will be featuring the foremost names in both the national and international perfumery scene. A curated selection of more than 360 brands coming from 30 different countries, including established markets such as Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Austria, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, UK, UAE, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, in addition to new entries such as Australia, Korea, the Netherlands and Estonia. The edition will reflect on the power of perfume, envisioned as a journey of transformation and natural evolution, starting from the raw materials shaping the fragrance and evolving over time. The olfactory experience offers the possibility of enjoying new sensory emotions, in a scenario of perpetual transformation of the surrounding environment.


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