Natural Ingredients and Environmental Impact: Ecotoxicity and Biodegradability

Dec 1st, 2022
Dec 2nd, 2022

Hosted by the Institut de la Naturalité, the purpose of this training will be to study the environmental fate of natural ingredients through the parameters of biodegradability and ecotoxicity by fully adopting these new innovative methods.

Day 1

  • Natural Ingredients and Environmental Impact: Focus & Parameters
  • Environmental regulatory vision and labels / Certifications under the focus of Biodegradability and ecotoxicity
  • Biodegradability: Definition and analysis methods
  • Biodegradability workshop: Research and reliability of biodegradability data and workshop to determine the biodegradability

Day 2

  • Fundamentals in ecotoxicology necessary for the interpretation of in silico predictions
  • The regulatory principles allowing the validation of in silico methods (QSARs)
  • The key QSARS in ecotoxicity, bioaccumulation and biodegradation
  • Examples of these QSARS applied to mixtures such as natural substances (WAFs and biodegradation)
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