Streamlined collaboration: FRICKE and EFF improve manufacturing efficiency

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FRICKE and EFF revolutionize dosing technology for the fragrance and flavor industry, increasing productivity and reliability. The cooperation between FRICKE Abfülltechnik GmbH & Co. KG, based in Minden, Germany, and the European Flavours & Fragrances PLC Group (EFF), based in the United Kingdom, has been instrumental in taking EFF's production processes to a new level.

EFF specializes in creating fragrances and flavors for a variety of consumer goods, such as luxury perfumes, body care products, detergents, and fabric softeners. Seeking to improve accuracy and efficiency, EFF turned to FRICKE, an international leader in dosing and filling systems. Since 2009, FRICKE's state-of-the-art systems have significantly improved EFF's production, ensuring consistent quality and compliance with industry standards. "The precise and automated dosing processes allow us to ensure a consistent quality of fragrances that meet the high quality and safety requirements of our customers in the perfume and flavor industry," explains Gary Kersey, Purchasing Director at EFF.

The integration of FRICKE's dosing systems has enabled EFF to scale its production with precision, allowing for accurate dosing of mixtures and components across various quantities. "The wide range of system types from FRICKE enables the efficient production of both standard fragrances and innovative scent creations in consistently high quality. Smaller order volumes of up to 50 liters or larger batches of up to 600 liters are possible. The very good system quality and availability of spare parts, as well as FRICKE's excellent customer service, guarantee a secure production process," emphasizes Gary Kersey. This strategic partnership has yielded tangible benefits, including accelerated production rates, increased output levels, and overall efficiency improvements, underscoring the effectiveness of the collaboration. Continuous investments in automation and digitalization have further improved EFF's production processes, optimizing operational workflows and strengthening competitiveness.

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