Avant Organics' Grapefruit Mercaptan

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Grapefruit Mercaptan


Grapefruit mercaptan (FEMA# 3700, CAS# 71159-90-5) is a well-known sulfurous compound with a pungent catty tropical aroma when crude. Upon dilution, grapefruit mercaptan can provide many benefits to your flavors; it is great for grapefruit, tropical and mango flavors adding top notes or finishing out a flavor profile. It also provides juiciness and freshness to any formulation along with unique mint-like cooling. Grapefruit mercaptan can also be used for enhancing alliaceous formulas such as kimchee or onion. Avant Organics provides this material as U.S. Natural, Kosher, non-GMO, and Halal. For your free sample please email [email protected].

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