Evolution of the Fundamentals of Toxicology for Natural Products in Perfumery & Cosmetics

Dec 13th, 2022
Dec 14th, 2022

Hosted by the Institut de la Naturalité, this training intends to integrate new methods of hazard assessment and management of communication with its stakeholders.

Day 1: the fundamentals of toxicology of natural products and developments with the identification and characterization of the hazard

  • Fundamentals of toxicology for a cosmetic application
  • Specificities of natural products
  • Main present and future Adverse Outcome Pathways: physio-pathological mechanisms, highlighting, regulatory links
  • Practical cases: robustness and interpretation of test results

Day 2:

  • Fundamentals of risk management·
  • Uncertainties, doubts and decision trees
  • Communications with its stakeholders: regulatory bodies, customers, consumers
  • Practical case analyzes
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