Flavours & Fragrances Academic Tour 2019

Apr 13th, 2019
Apr 20th, 2019
Participants will not only get to enjoy the privilege of being part of the Flavours & Fragrances Expo 2019 and the power-packed Interact Conference 2019 in Mumbai but will also get an opportunity to visit various cultivation farms which include Mango farm, Cashew farm, Sandalwood farm, Agarwood farm and various Green plantation aromatic sites amidst the fascinating land of Konkan. In addition, visits to distillation and extraction process plants are on schedule. The F&F Academic Tour 2019 participants will have the opportunity to learn about Konkan’s vibrant culture while staying at the premium hotels enjoying the traditional local cuisine. We have no doubts that the experience of meeting the renowned Indian Essential Oil producers and personally witnessing their operations will be relished and remembered by the participants for long.
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