Perfumer & Flavorist Issue Archive

Perfumer & Flavorist November 2021 - PF2111
November 2021 - PF2111
In the November issue, P&F+'s cover story is powered by Vapor Distilled. The feature brings readers inside the company’s evaporative extraction process. Tech talk continues with an overview of biotech and savory materials. Readers will also get a taste of snack trends and a look at P&F+'s 2022 editorial calendar.
Perfumer & Flavorist October 2021 - PF2110
October 2021 - PF2110
The October issue taps flavor experts to discuss innovations in sugar reduction and alternatives. P&F+ also connects with Esas Beauty founders and debuts the "Perfumer Notes" series. Readers can also get a taste of what's to come at the return of Flavorcon 2021.
Perfumer & Flavorist September 2021 - PF2109
September 2021 - PF2109
The September issue digs into the nuances of formulating for F&F applications. Experts weigh in on flavor hybridization and modulation, as well as the latest trends in fragrance.
Perfumer & Flavorist August 2021 - PF2108
August 2021 - PF2108
The August issue of Perfumer & Flavorist+ focuses on wellness, sustainability and global trends in the CBD market. Also in this issue: industry insights in nutritional flavors and the packaging realm.
Perfumer & Flavorist July 2021 - PF2107
July 2021 - PF2107
The July issue of Perfumer & Flavorist+ focuses on thoughts, accomplishments and goals of leading industry voices. Also in this issue: supplier ingredients and Flavor Bites by John Wright.
Perfumer & Flavorist June 2021 - PF2106
June 2021 - PF2106
The June issue of Perfumer & Flavorist+ focuses on the development of fragrance. Also in this issue: new tech merging scent and virtual reality as well as a look at plant-based seafood market trends.
Perfumer & Flavorist May 2021 - PF2105
May 2021 - PF2105
The May issue of Perfumer & Flavorist+ focuses on the role of mint in the F&F industry. Also in this issue: fragrance trends and a look at the future of the oral care market.
Perfumer & Flavorist April 2021 - PF2104
April 2021 - PF2104
The April issue of Perfumer & Flavorist+ focuses on the natural and sustainable side of the F&F industry. Also in this issue: the digitization of smell and the virtual world of flavor and fragrance.
Perfumer & Flavorist March 2021 - PF2103
March 2021 - PF2103
The March issue of Perfumer & Flavorist+ focuses on the technological side of the F&F industry. Also in this issue: synthesizing sandalore and the world of ambient fragrancing.
Perfumer & Flavorist February 2021 - PF2102
February 2021 - PF2102
The February issue of Perfumer & Flavorist+ takes a look at beverages in the post-COVID landscape. Also in this issue: the future of upcycling in the flavor and fragrance industry.
Perfumer & Flavorist January 2021 - PF2101
January 2021 - PF2101
The January issue of Perfumer & Flavorist+ is all about wellness, as the P&F brand expands to include the growing market of better-for-you products. Also in this issue: labeling requirements for GMO and bioengineered flavors.
Perfumer & Flavorist December 2020 - PF2012
December 2020 - PF2012
The December issue of Perfumer & Flavorist takes a look at the world of citrus with the yearly citrus review as well as sustainable ingredient sourcing in the Philippines. Also in this issue: a discussion on diversity in the fragrance industry with top Black perfumers and fragrance brand owners.