Mosciano Flavor Library

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Compiled both from the evaluations presented in flavor consultant Gerard Mosciano’s monthly Perfumer & Flavorist magazine column "Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials," and regular updates, this database includes in-depth information on more than 2,000 flavor materials.

With the ability to search multiple descriptors and fields, Mosciano's Flavor Library is a must-have resource for flavorists trying to find the perfect ingredient for their project. Mosciano not only provides the odor and taste characteristics for each material but also supplies its possible applications and sources of supply. Mosciano's Flavor Library enables users to search by:

  • Taste descriptors
  • Odor profile
  • Natural occurrence
  • Possible applications
  • Natural, nature identical or artificial
  • Ingredient name
  • FEMA number
  • CAS number
  • Source

Access Mosciano’s Flavor Library online now for $299 a year.

About Mosciano’s Flavor Library

This database is really the recorded sum of my continuing flavor training experience. What began with the creative staff at Food Materials—Judith Michalski, Susie Sadural and Michael Fasano—progressed through my tenures with the creative staffs of Bush Boake Allen, Universal Flavors, Flavor Chem and Silesia Flavors. It presently represents the evaluations of Judith Michalski (Edlong), Doug Young (Symrise), Carl Holmgren (Brooklyn by Perfetti), William Jaggard (Bell Flavors) and Tom Gibson (Silesia Flavors). I thank each and every individual who ever participated in these evaluations.

—Gerard Mosciano

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