<em>Perfumery for the New Normal:</em> Expert Talks

Perfumer & Flavorist is working to produce a new virtual event for 2020. Perfumery for the New Normal: Expert Talks Powered by Perfumer & Flavorist has been scheduled in response to the pandemic and current demand to connect serious buyers & suppliers to share the latest in product launches and innovations for the fragrance industry.

What Is Perfumery for the New Normal: Expert Talks?

This special 4-day event is a virtual educational and networking event designed to bring together fragrance industry professionals to discuss the future of the industry. Your brand will be featured in either a webcast or as a panel discussion sponsor (see types of panels listed below), providing a similar experience as a live event designed to inspire new product innovation and supplier partnerships.

The event will feature four industry panels, including:

  • A fragrance leader panel which will explore the impacts of the pandemic on the fragrance world and where the industry is headed next
  • A senior perfumer panel that will discuss the future of fragrance creation, inspiration during a crisis, and insights into the state and art of perfumery
  • A consumer product brands panel from the fine fragrance, beauty, and home care/cleansing sectors
  • A panel discussion including fragrance associations and trade groups

Benefits of Presenting Virtually

  • Reach New Prospects and Get in Front of Perfumers and Fragrance Professionals Around the World
  • Launch New Products and Promote Current Initiatives
  • Build Brand Awareness & Thought Leadership
  • Webcast Session Will Be Included in a 60 day Marketing Campaign Reaching Over 13,600 Fragrance Professionals Across Multiple Channels