Agrumaria Corleone SpA

Via Salvatore Corleone, 12
I-90124 (Palermo)

The company was founded on 1890 and is located in Sicily where the famous lemons, oranges and mandarins grow. Agrumaria processes citrus mainly for the production of juices and essential oils. Agru.Co. disposes of the most up to date certifications, including ORGANIC: certifications can be downloaded from our website. Essential oils can be accompanied from AR report including the 60 most used agrochemicals in Sicily which are normally present at very low levels. Agrumaria Corleone's strategy includes tailor made products as well as constant investments in R&D, educations and equipment. Export sales represent about 80% of total turnover.

  • Cosmetics/Personal Care Ingredient Supplier
  • Flavor Raw Material Supplier
  • Fragrance Raw Material Supplier
  • Cosmetic Ingredients(Actives, Color Cosmetics, Fragrance, Skin/Body)