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Survive, Grow and Thrive: 6 Opportunities for Fragrance in 2010

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Steve Hicks

Steve Hicks, director, flavor and fragrance development, P&G.

This is only an excerpt of the full article that appeared in P&F Magazine. The full content is not currently available online.

Steve Hicks will speak at the World Perfumery Congress (WPC) in Cannes, France, June 1–4, 2010. Read previous interviews with WPC speakers Karyn Khoury and Jack DiMaggio. Advertise in the official post-show report here.

“2010 is a wonderful opportunity to bring true value and excellence to consumers,” says Steve Hicks, P&G’s director of flavor and fragrance development global capability organization. Far from viewing the financial crisis as a threat, Hicks has identified several opportunities for fragrance companies to survive and thrive. He acknowledges that the last 18 months have been tough for the industry, and that a return to profitability and historical growth curves is paramount. And so, he asks, “How does this industry compete in the new world?”

The answer to that question will define those companies still standing in 2020, says Hicks. “It’s a challenging decade to come, but there are wonderful opportunities for innovation and growth.”


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