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Industry Snapshot: Vanilla 2009 Conference Day 2

By: Rick Brownell, Virginia Dare
Posted: February 1, 2010

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Finally, as a summary and conclusion to this two-day conference, Michel Grisoni of CIRAD reviewed many of the potential disease strategies discussed, including biological controls such as mycorrhiza, trichoderma and bacillus. He highlighted intercropping with disease-suppressive plants and genomic initiatives as two potentially promising strategies that could help the vanilla industry. Meanwhile, he noted that in the near term, farmers can help themselves by returning to traditional cultivation techniques, such as avoiding overpollination, providing proper spacing between the vines and maintaining appropriate soil conditions. Grisoni also advocated crop rotation as a traditional and effective method for disease control, which seems to have been largely abandoned in recent years.

The Vanilla Conference 2009 concluded with a unanimous consensus that the event was highly informative, critically important and a “must-attend” future event for anyone interested in or associated with the vanilla industry.

Poster Sessions Presented During Vanilla 2009

  1. Is the vanilla stem rot disease caused by Fusarium and/or phythoptora? A case in a traditional Vanilla growing system in Papantla, Mexico
    Bautista-Santiago Juan, Garcia-Espinosa Roberto, Ramos-Prado Jose Maria, Jose Trinidad Vazquez-Gonzalez and Luna-Rodriguez Mauricio
  2. Antioxidant Capacity from Vanilla
    Maria del Pilar Canizares Macias, Adalith Rojas Lopez
  3. Introduction of New Vanilla Growing Region - Tanzania
    Lisa Knight CBI Global / Select Products
  4. Vanilla Curing Under Environment Controlled Conditions: An Option to Standardize Organoleptic Quality and Inocuity.
    Ramos-Prado Jose Maria, Cervantes-Perez Lourdes
  5. In vitro germination of Vanilla planifolia and V. pompona hybrids
    Rebeca A Menchaca G., Jose M Ramos P., David Moreno M
  6. Vanilla Crafts in Mexico
    Juan Carlos Botello