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“Creating Savoury Flavours” Course Highlights

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"Creating Savoury Flavours" class

Course tutor David Baines (far left, backrow) with course attendees

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More in savory flavors. More in events.

“Creating Savoury Flavours” took place Oct. 19–23, 2009 in England. The course was comprised of a highly structured mix of lectures and practical sessions. The lecture program explored the origin of flavor precursors in meat, the reaction of these precursors to form meat flavor, and pinpointed the target character impact compounds in the different meat species that are important to reproduce in a flavor system. A lecture on the practical guide to reaction flavors outlined the range of raw materials available, process parameters and manufacturing methods, and provided the participants with the means to construct and engineer their own flavors.

The lecture program focused on the understanding of ingredients other than amino acids and sugars that can be used in process flavors, including yeast extracts, HVPs, spice oleoresins, essential oils, fats, oils and other food ingredients. The use of these materials provides complexity and subtlety and offers a unique creative pathway. In addition, various other savory themes were included in the course such as the use of enzymes to produce precursors for reaction flavors and the production of enzyme modified cheese flavors. Topnotes used as a post-reaction addition to process flavors were also examined and made available to participants to use in their creative work.

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Course attendees

List of course attendees:

  • Silvia Baglioni - Kerry Ingredients & Flavours, Italy.
  • Sergey Belkov - Zelenie Linii Ltd, Russia
  • Mirjam Groenewold - DSM Food Specialties, Holland
  • Wendy van der Hout-Bakker - Buteressence BV, Holland
  • Astrid Huber - Nestle Product Technology Centre, Germany
  • Paul Ricciardi - International Flavors & Fragrances, USA
  • Nicole Zeeuw van der Laan - Nestle Product Technology Centre, Germany

Course photos

The Verner Wheelock Associates' "Creating Savoury Flavours" course was held on October 19–23, 2009 in England.

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