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WPC Sneak Peek—Lyn Harris

Posted: May 16, 2007

In anticipation of the upcoming 8th World Perfumery Congress in Cannes, France (June 6–9), P&Fnow is talking to industry experts presenting at the event. Here, P&Fnow chats with Lyn Harris, founder and perfumer for Miller Harris, who will speak at the WPC about being an independent perfumer in a global world.

P&Fnow: In your opinion, where does the fragrance industry stand in 2007?

Harris: This is a very exciting time because there are so many sectors within the industry. There is, of course, the luxury/niche sector that endeavors to retain traditions whilst bringing back the glamour and sense of chic to perfumery. Brands in this category are constantly evolving and seeking to reinvent traditional perfumery with a modern twist. Then there is the commercial sector, which today is very much dominated by celebrity fragrances. This trend is very much indicative of how society currently places great importance on the notion of celebrity. Such fragrances play an important role in the industry because they represent the needs of the customer. Ultimately, this is the most important thing—the industry has an obligation to answer and fulfill these needs.

P&Fnow: What are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the fragrance industry today?

Harris: When it comes to natural ingredients, I feel that we have come full circle. Naturals have become such an important trend again because they represent quality. Personally, I could not fulfill my work nor express my creativity without such materials.