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The Next Wave, Part I

Posted: February 20, 2007

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S-ex and Beyond

Around the time Jet-Scent was wrapping up, Shioya began hearing about a then little-known perfumer who wore a red Mohawk and was apparently doing some very interesting fragrance work. The sculptor was intrigued and so sought out this interesting nose.

This was Laudamiel.

“I smelled a few [of his scents],” Shioya recalls, “and they weren’t particularly my taste, but I thought they were original and also quite edgy. I picked up one leather note that was quite interesting.” Shioya developed the loose concept of his next scent, S-ex, around this leather note. “I told [Christophe] I was looking for something related to sex, and that’s about it.” To this leather core, Laudamiel added elements of malt, strawberry, willow and camellia, fashioning the idea of sex.

“Christophe always has very radical ideas,” says Shioya. “More and more perfumers need to make some kind of statement.”