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Riverside Aromatics Opens its Doors

Posted: March 6, 2007

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P&Fnow: What does Jitian Aroma Chemical Co. offer to Riverside as a partner? In turn, what does Riverside offer Jitian?

Rowe: Jitian Aroma Chemical Co. is an excellent aroma chemicals manufacturer whom we trust and whom we have found to provide consistent quality materials. Riverside Aromatics will be help to guide Jitian to ensure that its qualities match those required by companies in the developed world. We also provide a route into the European market, because we can supply the regulatory and other information that is required as well as understanding the commercial realities of aroma chemical sales. In addition, our geographical advantage is beneficial, as it is much easier to supply the Western European countries from our warehouse in the United Kingdom than it is from China.

P&Fnow: Are there any other partnerships in the works?

Rowe: Our interest is in partnerships where we can see real synergies, and in this quality vastly outweighs quantity! We are, of course, open to new suggestions, but we don’t want to have a long list of representations where it’s simply impossible to provide “added value,” and where it may even be difficult to avoid conflicts of interest.

P&Fnow: You've stressed the importance of China. Other than your partnership with Jitian, how do you hope to address the growing F&F industry in China?