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Riverside Aromatics Opens its Doors

Posted: March 6, 2007

Peter Cannon and David Rowe recently formed Riverside Aromatics Ltd. (Poole, UK) to supply aroma chemicals and essential oils. With over 30 years of commercial and technical experience with Oxford Chemicals, BBA and De Monchy Aromatics, Riverside's founders are using world-wide partners to reflect the changes in the global F&F industry. As a part of this, Riverside is partnering with Jitian Aroma Chemical Co. (Tengzhou, China), manufacturers of high impact aroma chemicals such as pyrazines, thiazoles and furans. P&Fnow recently spoke with David Rowe about the new company, its goals and partnerships.

P&Fnow: What made you and Peter Cannon decide to set up Riverside Aromatics Ltd.? What need does the company fill that other aroma chemical/essential oil suppliers don’t?

Rowe: Peter and I are veterans of both small and larger companies. The smaller companies have given us very broad experience, covering areas outside of the “typical” sales and technical areas. For example, I have covered regulatory issues and certifications such as kosher, while Peter has had hands-on experience in the warehouse and even has a forklift truck license! After a great deal of thought we decided we wanted to put those skills in a company we can “design.” We are both chemists, so Riverside Aromatics is a 100% technical company. Our aim in setting up the company was to bridge the gap between producer and consumer in a clear and transparent manner, while adding a new form of technical co-operation that other companies can’t offer. In the modern world traceability is of paramount importance.

P&Fnow: You mentioned that Riverside Aromatics is using world-wide partners to “reflect the changes in the global F&F industry.” What are these changes and how is your company going to address them?

Rowe: In terms of world-wide partners, this is twofold. The F&F industry is undergoing major changes as standards of living rise across the world; after all, flavors and fragrances are not the essentials of life in the way that basic foods and clean water are (despite advertising companies’ attempts to convince us otherwise) and the demand reflects disposable income. As standards of living rise in the Far East, the Indian subcontinent, Latin America and Eastern Europe, these countries and regions become new markets for growth. Secondly, the continual concentration of the market into fewer and bigger organizations is demanding different qualities and abilities from its suppliers. Riverside, with its partners, is responding to this change by offering a service and technical support that the market demands.