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Snack Flavor Formulation: New Approaches

Posted: February 20, 2007

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van Haarlem: Health, convenience (‘on the go’) and premium (authenticity) are some of the key growth factors we have seen. Most of the reformulations or projects in the pipeline are based on health requirements that are dominating market trends and new developments, ranging from understanding of consumer issues to low fat solutions. They require modifications to the base and the flavor. Reduction in sodium and MSG replacement are also common needs, as is the elimination of artificial flavors in preference of natural flavors.

The main trends in the European market are:

  • Low fat (fewer calories)
  • Low carbohydrates (low GI)
  • Functional food (use of vitamins, minerals, etc.)
  • Natural and organic products
  • Low sodium

P&Fnow: What would you say is the most exciting or unusual development coming through in snacks in Europe?

van Haarlem: We consider the culinary influence on snacks to be the major current development within Europe, for which we have developed a new flavor collection, Snacks à la carte. For example, we have translated the increasingly popular oven roast chicken and thyme flavor in kitchen cooking to a snack flavor.