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Senomyx 2011 Financial Results Up 9%

Posted: March 1, 2012

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"Senomyx's portfolio of new flavor ingredients with competitive advantages extends to our other taste programs," Snyder stated. "S5031 is a new cooling agent with excellent properties that exceed those of commonly used agents in taste tests, including a ten-fold greater potency and a longer duration of the cooling sensation without the aroma of menthol. We are announcing today that our partner for the Cooling Taste Program, Firmenich, has selected S5031 for initiation of development activities in support of future regulatory filings. In addition to taking a significant step toward a potentially important new commercial revenue opportunity, this selection resulted in Senomyx earning a milestone payment from Firmenich.

"We are beginning 2012 in an excellent position for future growth," Snyder added. "Senomyx has ten flavor ingredients with Generally Recognized As Safe, also known as GRAS, status, which include our avory flavors, sucrose and sucralose enhancers, and bitter blockers. S6973, S2383, and Senomyx's savory flavors are being commercialized by our partners. Progress has been made in each of our discovery and development programs, including regulatory-focused development activities with our S9632 sucrose enhancer and S5031 cooling agent. Senomyx's financial position is strong and allows us to proceed with our activities as planned."

More information on Senomyx, its developing and upcoming projects, and its financial results is available here.

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